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Personal training for weight loss, athletic endeavors, or your personal fitness goal in Snohomish.

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Intensive and focused: Elevate your fitness with in-person direct training sessions.

  • *Accelerate progress scheduling the 12 session, 2-3 days each week, designed to maximize results in a shorter timeframe.
  • *Balanced fitness with the 8 session, 1-2 in-person training days each week.
  • *Independent progressive provides an in-person, 1 time per week performance check-in with the 4 session selection
  • *Self directed wellness provides a four week personalized program design and instruction. Independent training with support as needed with the single session introduction.

Personalized approach: Your dedicated trainer will create a custom program tailored to your fitness goals, limitations, and preferences. Expert guidance and support: Get real-time feedback, form correction, and motivation from a certified professional throughout each session.  You will complete a full wellness questionnaire that will assist us in building your program designed to your needs, goals, time, and equipment.

Ideal for: Individuals seeking rapid results, athletes preparing for competition, and those with specific goals like building muscle, losing weight, or improving cardiovascular health.

Sessions to be scheduled and held at Snohomish FIT Launch Studio



Session Count

12, 8, 4, 1


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