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It started with some group fitness.  Soon after personal training, fit camps and yoga instruction were sprinkled in.  After some experience, and further education, continuing education for fitness professionals was added, which introduced to wonderful new people and brought us around the world.

Fitness Pro Travel began in the early 2000’s.  A very cool program partnered with Fit Bodies, Inc.  If you’re a fitness, mind/body, or tennis coaching professional, you’ll be happy you checked out this program.

A decade later we began with workplace wellness and tactical wellness programing for the consumer and simple web design for the fitness professional.

The most recent addition to our skill and offering set is DNA analysis.  It’s a bit of a game changer for personal health & fitness and allows us to get truly personal with recommendations on performance, weight-loss, nutrition, and longevity .

Amy Founded FIT Launch in 1997

Targeted Training

Individual desires and goals are key to every client.  It’s the motivation and desire that brought you here to begin with.  Through health history, physical assessment, and even genotype investigation we will develop a plan that will efficiently assist you in meeting those goals.  

Select the package that best fits your needs

DNA Analysis

Diet and Fitness Report

Laboratory analysis of your genetic markers provide us the information necessary to advise how your genetic makeup may effect your fitness & wellness and will provide a targeted roadmap for optimizing your results.

Fitness Assessment

Fitness Wellness Report

Essential measurements for determining your current fitness status, but also being used for later comparison and evaluation.

Personal Training

In Studio or Distance

Local or afar, we can assist you in reaching it more efficiently.  Schedules, equipment, and more influence the what/how/when of designing a program.  We can work you to bring a great plan together!

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