health, fitness, or
performance goals!

FIT Launch is different than most gyms or studios.  We specialize in small group training while still providing attention to individual needs.  Group dynamic atmosphere adds to the fun, motivation, and commitment.

Gather your group of up to 6 or try out a personal session and schedule your free first session!
Be the best version of you


Small Group = Your Custom Group

Small group training at our Snohomish Studio. Personalized quality at lower group rates.

Personal Training for weight loss, strengthening, specific function, recovery or based on your assessed needs.

Offerings- Our Studio or On-line

For the fitness professional or fitness business owner we have a few tools and marketing vehicles that might be of interest to you. Check 'em out

FIT PRO? Become an international professional. Your specialty provided to all-inclusive resorts and their guests.

Athlete training for performance enhancement specific to your sport or goal. Lessen the chance of injury while maximizing your personal best.

Employers are now using corporate wellness programs to increase employee engagement and to become an employer of choice.


3 great reasons to train with a personal trainer

Get Fit

Exercise the right way. All exercise programs start with your level of fitness and let you work towards your specific goals making a healthier, fitter you.

Workouts are Efficient, Safe, and Effective

A professional trainer will get you to where you want to be fitness wise faster and continually be looking out for your whole self wellness.

Motivation and Fun

Your trainer will bring you their energy in addition to their knowledge.  And if you join one of our small group programs the energy and fun goes up from there