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The NIWH Health and Wellness Coach program is ideal for enhancing the practice of...

  • licensed and certified health care practitioners
  • allied health care professionals
  • nutritionists and dietitians
  • therapists
  • nurses and medical providers
  • social workers
  • hospice providers
  • massage therapists and therapeutic body workers
  • health educators
  • midwives
  • naturopaths
  • yoga teachers
  • fitness and wellness coaches
  • personal trainers
  • group Fitness Instructors
  • pilates Instructors
  • aroma therapists
  • patient advocates
  • and other integrative medicine and health care practitioners.


Individuals attracted to Whole Health training understand that educating and caring for the whole person is what individuals are seeking from today's health and wellness professionals, as well as what is being mandated by national medical and health care regulatory organizations as essential to providing quality care.

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