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Get the knowledge you need to provide health and wellness support for family and friends.  Every day, thousands of people are diagnosed with chronic conditions, symptoms and diseases – all of which can be prevented or significantly alleviated with holistic health practices. 

By studying health and wellness coaching through the National Institute of Whole Health, you’ll be able to properly guide your family, friends and yourself towards living a fuller, healthier life. This comprehensive 26-course program follows evidence-based, holistic health methodology and knowledge on a variety of crucial topics leading to improved health and wellness, including:

  • Food Biochemistry and Brain Nutrition – Learn the details and science behind how food affects not just the body, but the brain and overall nutrition and wellness as well.  Help others make noticeable changes in their dietary habits to promote better health and wellness.
  • Body Systems Analysis – Discover the inner workings of how our bodies convert food to energy, including the digestive system, immune system, endocrine system and metabolic system, and how each plays a critical role in everyday living.
  • Mindful Counseling – Now more than ever, it’s vital to understand the affect of our genetics and how they contribute to our body type, behaviors, nutrition and even our mannerisms.  Learn to become a more effective facilitator with this important course.
  • How Can Exercise Help?  Many people already know they need to exercise to help stave off chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome – but how does exercise really help?  This three part course goes beyond the fundamentals of burning calories and into the physiology of exercise to help you provide the knowledge people need to motivate themselves to get going with an exercise program.
  • Feel free to checkout the NIWH Website for further details (it is a large investment), then come back here for the best price around on an outstanding video training program.



All NIWH programs are offered at a discounted price to our premium account holding members (we appreciate your commitment to us and very much enjoy bringing you discount opportunities - see below). All account holders should also notice our regular price is still lower than the prices offered on the NIWH website.

Premium Account Holders at Fitness Pro Travel use the appropriate additional discount option during checkout for only this product purchase. When training on sale you can still use discount code for even greater savings. (upgrade account first)

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Your on-line Health program contains 26 streamed video courses that are designed to be takenover a 16 week period, with several of the courses having Parts I, II and III. These professionally filmed, edited and delivered video courses are filmed during live presentations at Boston area hospital and medial centers, including the Leahy Clinic, Harvard Medical School conferrence center, the Tufts School of Medicine NE Medical Center and other Harvard affiliate hospitals. The curriculum is provided in a structured format that invites you to complete one (1) course per week for 16 weeks.

The courses are presented in a specific sequence to provide the learner with a truly integrated body of knowledge, as one course builds onto the next course to ultimately give the learner “the whole picture of health”®.The learner can, however, take up to 10 months to complete the entire program.


The NIWH Whole Health and Lifestyle Coach training provides health information that will empower your clients to take greater control of their
life, health and longevity.



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