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Who is the Whole Health and Wellness
Certificate of Study Ideal For?

This program is perfect for anyone interested in using evidence-based, holistic and whole person care methods to fully understand health and mind/body wellness.

Even if you do not have a career in the health field or lack knowledge about health and healing, this program will assist you in demystifying health information for your personal health care or for the health and well-being of your clients and students.

This program was designed to provide an engaging, enjoyable, non-academic course of study that invites the student into a clear understanding of health sciences that are needed to lead a fuller, healthier and happier life.  It includes 20 courses covering a wide range of subjects related to our physical, emotional, nutrition, environmental and spiritual health and wellness, including: 

  • In-Depth Body Function Analysis – Learn about the different processes our bodies go through when converting food to energy, and energy into active output, including metabolism, digestion, the cardiac system, the endocrine system and the immune system.  
  • Learn about how "everything is connected to everything else" in your body and what the cause and effect of chronic disease states are.
  • Discover how food chemistry affects the brain and why we truly “are what we eat”.  Learn how to eat right for your body, and why even your blood type matters when it comes to nutrition.
  • Have you or someone you love been diagnosed with a chronic illness?  Learn why you can’t simply “treat the symptoms” and hope for the best.  It’s possible to live well even with a chronic condition.
  • How the Body Copes with Stress – It’s not just about chemical reactions.  Scratch beneath the surface of stress and learn how the body’s adrenal glands, psychology and even your longevity can be affected by stress.

Online Classes Make Study Affordable and
Accessible to Everyone!


  • Feel free to checkout the NIWH Website for further details (it is a large investment), then come back here for the best price around on an outstanding video training program.


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Your on-line Health program contains 20 streamed video courses that are designed to be takenover a 16 week period, with certain courses having Parts I, II and III. These professionally filmed, edited and delivered video courses are filmed during live presentations at Boston area hospital and medial centers, including the Leahy Clinic, Harvard Medical School conferrence center, the Tufts School of Medicine NE Medical Center and other Harvard affiliate hospitals.

The courses are presented in a specific sequence to provide the learner with a truly integrated body of knowledge, as one course builds onto the next course to ultimately give the learner “the whole picture of health”®.The learner can, however, take up to 10 months to complete the entire program.


The NIWH Whole Health and Lifestyle Coach training provides health information that will empower your clients to take greater control of their
life, health and longevity.



Individuals attracted to Whole Health training understand that educating and caring for the whole person is what individuals are seeking from today's health and wellness professionals, as well as what is being mandated by national medical and health care regulatory organizations as essential to providing quality care.

The NIWH Health and Wellness Coach program is ideal for enhancing the practice of licensed and certified health care practitioners, allied health care professionals and education professionals which include: nutritionists and dietitians, therapists, nurses and medical providers, social workers, hospice providers, massage therapists and therapeutic body workers, health educators, midwives, naturopaths, yoga teachers, fitness and wellness coaches, personal trainers, aroma therapists, patient advocates, and other integrative medicine and health care practitioners.

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