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    Health & Lifestyle Coach

    Expand the modalities you can offer your clients?
    Personal Training + Health Coaching = More Success for You and Your Clients

    Student Prerequisite Qualifications

    Health & Lifestyle Coach program - an intensive 16 week program requiring the highest standards to qualify for participation in the training. Application and the corresponding approval are required prior to training program acceptance.

    Education - A part-time Whole Health Coaching program for individuals with accredited degrees or training in health, nursing, wellness, nutrition, fitness, psychology, public health, education, science or an accredited CAM training

    Experience - It is recommended that applicants have a minimum of 1 full year experience in their allied health specialty prior to applying to this program.

    health & lifestyle coach application

    Application Procedure

    1. Complete entire application form
    2. Attach supporting educational degree/certification documents
    3. Include application fee ($35) via check or credit card (refundable if not accepted)
    4. Fax or Mail your application and materials to location listed on application form.


    Application Acceptance, Registration, and Participation

    With acceptance into the program you will receive Registration and Tuition Payment documents which must be signed and returned to complete your enrollment in the Health & Lifestyle Coaching program

    Once your registration and payment are received, our office will establish your enrollment. You will receive, via e-mail, from, a Study Guide, a Course Assignment template, Table of Contents, Course Descriptions and all on-line classroom access codes.


    Health & Lifestyle Coach Fees

    The NIWH on-line Health & Lifestyle Coach training program is offered by the National Institute of Whole Health and retails for $3995.00. We are happy to offer you this program through FIT Launch at a substantial $500 discount.

    $3450 - when paid in full

    $1215 - per month for 3 consecutive months

    Payment accepted via Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.
    After application acceptance, submit payment along with signed Registration form by fax, postal mail or by phone.

    lifestyle coach health & lifestyle coaching

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