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Mans 5 Biggest Gym Mistakes

Although there are some similar things that both the male and female do, there are definitely some unique traits many men possess when they workout.

I should also mention, that there are some very well-rounded exercisers (both male and female) that have excellent workout programs and continue to make progress, change things up and are still seeing success with their goals. These blogposts are more just my keen observation on the more common reasons gym sessions are less than optimal for both sexes.

If you are a male who regularly exercises (3 or more times per week) do you take part in any of the following mistake activities when you workout at the gym or elsewhere?

1. Doing too much too soon– jumping into a two hour workout session that includes high intensity activities and large volumes of weight training is going to leave you sore as hell! While some delayed muscle soreness is expected it is important that men understand gradual progression by slowly adding more to the mix. Going from no exercise in 6 months to 2 hours of exercise in the first session is extreme and beyond most high end guidelines. Tone it down a bit!

2. Using less than optimal form or movement speed– more often than not too much weight is the cause of poor exercise performance. There tends to be a hang-up on “how much weight” one can lift, rather than how well the performance is. Injury risk is dramatically increased when poor technique or too fast of speed is executed. Ask a certified pro to help you gauge a proper starting weight and use correct form ALWAYS.

3. Not warming-up properly or at all- a proper warm-up is crucial to preparing the body for more vigorous activity, for lubrication of joints, for gradually increasing heart rate and improving the body’s ability to neurologically connect to muscles and movements. Jumping in at full speed or lifting heavy without warming up is also an excellent way to pull and/or strain a muscle, plus decrease activity potential as the body has not gradually worked into the higher intensity levels.

4. Ignoring the lower body and the trunk– Similar to how women will do tons of exercises for their problem areas in hopes to dissolve away fat, men seem to spend more time and energy building their upper body, arms and shoulders, but barely touching those highly important lower body muscles and their core. Neglecting any of the major muscles groups leads to imbalance, potential for injury and disproportion of the muscles in the body. Besides, you don’t want to be called “chicken legs” now do you?

5. Practically running away from the stretching area– very rarely do I see men finishing their workouts with appropriate stretching. Over the years this will take a toll and decrease joint range of motion, may lead to back pain, stiffness and a decreased ability to perform day to day functions like taking off your T-shirt. All the major muscle groups should be stretched at the end of the workouts and held for 15-30 seconds each.

Of course all of these mistakes have proper guidelines, activities and opportunities for repair. Seeking the advice a certified fitness professional or just making a conscious effort to heed some of the tidbits of advice I have offered will be beneficial. Do your best to make adjustments, work efficiently and enjoy your workouts mistake free!

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10 Pet Peeves in the Gym

A worthwhile re-post —

I’ve worked in the fitness industry for over 18 years, and playing gym junkie for just as long if not longer than that. In all my years of teaching, training, coaching and partaking I’ve collected some keen observations and pretty strong opinions- SURPRISE on the opinion part :-)

I value all of my training, certifications, college education and knowledge I’ve gathered through the years and believe it makes me the opinionated, passionate, creative and honest fitness professional that you’ve grown to love (or hate). Needless to say, I will share my thoughts at the drop of a hat, be blunt when I need to, but always have my heart and soul behind the message.

My message today is inspired by my fellow gym goers and people I’ve interacted with over the years as a fit pro. Hang on for a large dose of sarcasm, brutal honesty and of course this trainer’s educated opinion- it’s RIGHT by the way :-)

My Top Ten Gym Pet Peeves:

1. People who wear sunglasses while they workout inside– I tweeted about this a few days back,  but it deserves another mention. Nobody is that cool!! Famous or not, you look like a freaking idiot and it is rude and disrespectful. Unless your blind or coming from the eye doctor spare us your ego!

2. Not wiping down your sweat off of equipment– I think this speaks for itself. Nobody wants to sit on a piece of equipment covered in another person’s bodily fluids. Unfortunately, there are still people who think it’s cool to leave their mark and not wipe it up. Don’t be gross- wipe it off!

3. Machine hoggers- if somebody is waiting to use the machine you’re on, then please be respectful and let them work in instead of doing all 5 of your sets while they wait. Didn’t your mother teach you any manners and how to share?  Be considerate and use proper gym etiquitte..get your butt up and let them do a set.

4. Ridiculous diet talk- This is really what turns my stomach. Listen to me- Read More …