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Summer Running Challenges- Week 9

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Week #9 summer running challenges are being sent to you via a beach in the Turks & Caicos Islands. Having a blast training and educating the staff to become fellow personal trainers and fitness pros 🙂

I’ll keep this short and sweet so I can get back to running on the beach 🙂 Here are week 9 beginner summer running challenges: Read More …

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Train the Distance Homework Assignments- Week #3

5K first time finishers :-)

5K first time finishers 🙂

The countdown continues as we are now 4 weeks away from the B-day 5K adventure on June 1st. It is really exciting to see the progress people are making from doing the homework and staying dedicated to their goals. Nothing makes me smile bigger as a trainer than watching people enhance their performance by applying all my body nerd advice 🙂 BIG SMILE 🙂

As we enter week three of our homework assignments I think it is important to remember  this challenge is geared toward the non-consistent runner/casual walker who would like to mostly run or run/walk a 5K (3.1 miles) in 6 weeks. 

If you are just beginning the homework assignments I would suggest starting with assignment #1 this week <<<<SEE HERE FOR DETAILS and progressing into the next consecutive assignment. Although the running time and distance will not be a full 6 weeks of training, it will still be enough for many of you to run more than you would walk a 5K  distance.


On M/W or T/Th perform the following workouts

Day one (M or T): 2 mile of 5:1 run/walk ratio- for the duration of two miles alternate running/jogging/brisk walking for 5 minutes with 1 minute of walking.

Day two (W or Th): 3 sets of  3:1 run/walk ratio- a very relaxed effort of running for 3 minutes alternating with 1 minute of walking. This day is considered a RECOVERY workout. Flat terrain such as a track/trail or walk the hills on your favorite route.

Each drill should be preceded with at least 10 minutes of warm-up, such as walking or some other form of movement that gets the body prepared for the activities.

On Saturday attend OTBC or do the following workout on your own

Day three (Saturday): 3 sets of 4:1 run/walk ratio- after a 10 minute warm-up, settle into conversation effort running for 4 minutes alternating with one minute of walking.

Trainer Amy voice: “If you find it hard to run for the suggested times or your body is not responding with happiness then do as much as you can, rest for a minute and try again. Gradual progression is the key to success with this.”

Additional homework includes our muscle conditioning & stretches from last week. These should be done after all your run/walks or runs using the following activities.


You can also use the stretches from week one’s homework, too. <<<WEEK 1 DETAILS

Regardless if you are training for a 5K or other type of event, it is important to include, not EXCLUDE, muscle conditioning and flexibility activities. A well rounded program needs to train the body for the event (sport specific cardiovascular training), train the muscles to support the body (Muscle POWER), and train the range of motion about the body (STRETCH me please).

Single Leg Side Plank

Single Leg Side Plank

Put all these elements into practice with your homework kids! I’m here to support you in any way I can. Looking forward to seeing some more progress this Saturday at OTBC (Outdoor Total Body Camp).

Enjoy the sunshine!


PS- Don’t forget about the foam roller workshops! View the calendar for dates and times.



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Train the Distance- Homework Assignments Week #1

Boston Marathon

We had a great, rainy day Boston Tribute kick-off event this past Saturday, and I was happy to see some new faces at OTBC. Although our weather was less than perfect I thought everyone made a fantastic effort in performing their 1 mile of dedication.

Regardless if they walked, walk/ran or ran it simply didn’t matter. It was about putting our feet to the pavement for a special cause. The coolest thing was, we weren’t the only group paying tribute..and here I thought I was so clever. It was quite an honor to pass by a group of runners on a nice, group, recovery run, surrounding their local Boston runner who had returned from this year’s event. I had happy tears in my eyes 🙂

Training for an event like the Boston Marathon not only requires participants to qualify, but also includes training time, dedication and a willingness to achieve a goal. Training for any event will require the latter, and I’m here to help some of you do just that. Drum roll please..

5kgirlsI’m happy to announce this week’s homework assignments for those of you who are looking to prepare for mostly running at the Birthday 5K on June 1st. This training program is geared toward a beginner runner who wants to mostly run an event that is approximately six weeks away, and of course for my OTBC campers who were told they have homework 🙂

*Choose two days this week (M-F) with at least a day in between to perform:

**On first day, warm-up for 10 min with walking briskly and then perform 2 repetitions of running at a relaxed effort for 3 minutes followed by 1 minute of walking (2×3/1)

**On second day, warm-up for 10 min with walking briskly and then perform a 2×2/1; two repetitions of running at a relaxed effort for 2 minutes followed by a 1 minute recovery

GOAL is to accumulate 10 min of running

On Saturday of this week perform a longer run/walk. After a 10 minute warm-up, for the duration of 1 mile, alternate running for 3 minutes with 1 minute walking breaks 1(3/1). Not to worry OTBC participants, I’ve got you covered on this!

After your runs you should do the following stretches <<< CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

If you are having trouble completing the suggested running interval time, just do as much as you can, rest for 1 minute and try to repeat the interval. You can also do a walk:walk briskly version if your body feels better without the running.

The bottom line is this: consistent effort brings results. You will build muscle endurance, improve cardiovascular ability and be able to withstand more running time on those legs if you follow the beginning program.

I am looking forward to watching your progress, and helping you all to achieve success with your fitness goals and hopefully first 5K challenge!

See you on the trail or in the studio!


PS- Our OTBC Outdoor Total Body Camp is a FREE weekly event.


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