Summer Running Challenges- Week 6

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5kgirlsWe are over the halfway mark of our summer running challenges and this week is the last week of  run/walk intervals.  If you’ve been progressing along from week to week you will definitely be ready for the next challenges 🙂 Think distance vs time.

I mentioned last week to start looking for some local 5K distance runs that you can get registered for by the end of August. This will be a great opportunity to see how much you’ve improved from all your running workouts. You can incorporate 1 minute walk breaks after the water/aid stations on the course, or whenever you need to. Just be sure not to run the day before or after a race.

Here are this weeks running challenges:


NOTE: these workouts are progressions from our past 12 weeks of training (bday 5K-week 6 of summer running challenges).

On M/W or T/Th perform the following SL (semi-long) and R (recovery) workouts

Day one – semi long run (M or T): 2 sets of 12:1 run/walk ratio. A relaxed effort of running for 12 minutes followed by a 1 minute walking break.

Day two- recovery (W or Th): 2 sets of  10:1 run/walk ratio- a very relaxed effort of running for 10 minutes alternating with 1 minute of walking. This day is considered a RECOVERY workout. Flat terrain such as a track/trail or walk the hills on your favorite route.

On Saturday/Sunday perform a L (long) running workout

Day three- long run (S or Sun): 4 (18/1) ratio. For the duration of 4.0 miles alternate running for 18 minutes with 1 minute walking breaks.


Train to run continuously for 20 minutes. Choose 3-4 days this week (alternate days) and perform the following workout:

Week 4:  After a proper warm-up (7-10 minutes of brisk walking) run for 4 minutes and walk for 1 minute. Repeat this 4 times.

Whether you are doing option 1 or option 2 for training this week, please make sure you are properly warmed up with at least 7-10 minutes of lower intensity activity to prepare your legs for the workout. Great examples are brisk walking, really light jogging or use some of our warm-up drills from OTBC 🙂


CORE CampBoth options should be including at least 2-3 muscle conditioning workouts per week on non-consecutive days. You can use either one of the following two workouts:



STRETCH all of your muscles out at the end of your workouts. Hold for 15-30 seconds each. You can use the following stretches below:

Fab 5 Stretches: <<<<<CLICK HERE

Happy running and training ~ Amy


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