Summer Running Challenges- Week 5 Drills

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running on beachWe are at week 5 with our Summer Running Drills and I’m sure some of you are noticing that you can easily run a 1/2 mile or more if you’ve been progressing along with the drills.  Each week is designed to add a little more time on the legs and/or distance for your challenges.

Also, I have to mention this every time I post the new weeks of challenges:

“These activities are geared toward the beginner runner who wants to train for their first 5K or just be able to run more continuously without taking as many walk breaks. In either case, the body should be accustomed to spending 30 minutes of cardiovascular type exercise on the joints at least 3 days per week.

Have fun running this week, even if you are on vacation. Running shoes fit in suitcases 🙂

nikeOPTION #1:

NOTE: these workouts are progressions from our past 11 weeks of training.

On M/W or T/Th perform the following SL (semi-long) and R (recovery) workouts

Day one – semi long run (M or T): 2 sets of 10:1 run/walk ratio. A relaxed effort of running for 10 minutes followed by a 1 minute walking break.

Day two- recovery (W or Th): 2 sets of  10:1 run/walk ratio- a very relaxed effort of running for 10 minutes alternating with 1 minute of walking. This day is considered a RECOVERY workout. Flat terrain such as a track/trail or walk the hills on your favorite route.

On Saturday/Sunday perform a L (long) running workout

Day three- long run (S or Sun): 4 (16/1) ratio. For the duration of 4.0 miles alternate running for 16 minutes with 1 minute walking breaks.

**Option #1 participants start looking for a local 5K event that you take part in and try to run as much of the course as you can. You can incorporate 1 minute walk breaks after the water/aid stations on the course. IMPORTANT do not run the day before or after a race.


Train to run continuously for 20 minutes. Choose 3-4 days this week (alternate days) and perform the following workout:

Week 4:  After a proper warm-up (7-10 minutes of brisk walking) run for 3 minutes and walk for 1 minute. Repeat this 5 times.

Whether you are doing option 1 or option 2 for training this week, please make sure you are properly warmed up with at least 7-10 minutes of lower intensity activity to prepare your legs for the workout. Great examples are brisk walking, really light jogging or use some of our warm-up drills from OTBC 🙂


single leg DLBoth options should be including at least 2-3 muscle conditioning workouts per week on non-consecutive days. You can use either one of the following two workouts:



STRETCH all of your muscles out at the end of your workouts. Hold for 15-30 seconds each. You can use the following stretches below:

Fab 5 Stretches: <<<<<CLICK HERE

Enjoy all your homework kids! I will be back outside to play with you on the trail on the 27th for OTBC camp and back to train in the studio on the 15th.

Happy fitness and training ~ Amy

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