Holiday Survivalfit- Week 12

Posted by: | Posted on: December 29, 2013

FitThroughTheHolidaysHere we are! The last official week of our Holiday Survivalfit Challenge and just a few short days away from our New Year 2014.

You are way ahead of the New Year’s resolution game if you’ve been taking part in our 12 week journey. You are exercising regularly, being mindful of what you eat and just taking better care of YOU.

As many people enter January 1st, 2014 they are setting goals to do exactly what we’ve been doing all through the holiday season. HSF participants have a great baseline and a consistent fitness habit already started..NOW its time to keep that fitness train rolling into the New Year.

Let’s start with the final few workouts for the last week’s challenge.

Week 12 Survivalfit Challenges:

*3-4 Cardio sessions- 30 min each; make one day an interval day

*3 Full Body Muscle Conditioning Workout- 8-10 exercises that train all major muscle groups and patterns

CORE Camp*5 Flexibility/Foam Rolling- after ALL workouts; roll and stretch tight spots on other days

Aim to get those minimums this week!

If you’re up to give your New Year’s week a big kick off then give the special challenge a go..


Monday 12/30: Cardio- 30 min, Muscle Conditioning- 30 min, Stretching/Rolling 15 min

Tuesday 12/31: Cardio-35 min (interval based), Stretching/Rolling 30 min

Wednesday 1/1: Muscle Conditioning- 45 min, Stretching/Rolling 15 min

Thursday 1/2: Cardio- 35 min (interval based), Stretching/Foam Rolling 30 min

Friday 1/3: Cardio- 30 min, Muscle Conditioning- 30 min, Stretching/Rolling 15 min

Saturday 1/4: Cardio- 45 min, Stretching/Rolling 20 min

“If it doesn’t CHALLENGE you it doesn’t CHANGE you!”

Get after it everyone, and make it an awesome final week.

Happy and Healthy New Year,


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