Five Signs its A Sham

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dietI realize that people still disregard scientific evidence, proven over and over again, that deliver long-lasting results and still demand a quick fix to their long standing problem of over indulgence and lack of movement. So, I thought I’d share a few things from a fantastic article written recently in Health magazine regarding diets.

If you or one of your friends is indulging in some form of a fad diet, please consider the following 5 issues. Fads come and go, just like people who do fad diets and lose weight then gain it back after they stop the diet. DIET is a four letter word..don’t use it or do it!

  1. Testimonials with no proof: If you can’t Google academic studies, it hasn’t been tested
  2. A ban on entire food groups (fats, carbs): Balanced nutrition is simply a must
  3. Lure of a quick fix: “Anything that happens fast will get undone fast” ~ Dr. Pamela Peeke
  4. A requirement to buy lots of products: No pills or bars can chase calories away
  5. Unrealistic claims: “It works without the gym” or “Eat what you want.” = Garbage!

Take care of yourself this weekend! Eat well, move at least 30 minutes, and be happy 🙂

In health and fitness ~ Amy



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