12th Man Fitness Challenge- Super Bowl Sunday Workout

Posted by: | Posted on: January 31, 2014

Super Bowl MetroCards

We are just a few days away from Super Bowl Sunday, AND the 12th Day of the 12th Man Fitness Challenge. I wanted to incorporate a big send-off for the last day of the challenge, plus show off our 12th Man Fitness.

Below is a list of movements and activities, plus the reps and/or time to perform each. Think of it as a way to blow off a little steam and torch a few calories from all the chips, dips, and decadent Super Bowl treats 🙂


If Seattle scores- 1 squat, 1 push-up, 1 superman extension, 3 twisting/bicycle trunk curls per side (6 reps total)

If Denver scores- 6 squats, 6 push-ups, 6 superman extensions, 6 twisting/bicycle trunk curls per side (12 reps total)


If Seattle scores- one celebration jump

If Denver scores- 1 min single leg balance (per leg)


If Seattle scores- 3 chair dips

If Denver scores- 9 chair dips


Against Seattle- hover squat above your chair/wall sit for 30 seconds

Against Denver- celebration dance for 30 seconds; your choice on style


If Seattle intercepts- jumping high 5’s to at least 2 people

If Denver intercepts- 20 jumping jacks & NO DESSERT 🙂


If Seattle scores- 1 BIG celebration burpee

If Denver scores- 1-2 minute plank


Space Needle - 12th Man Flag

Show your 12th man fitness!! Show your 12th man spirit!!

Happy, healthy, FUN, Super Bowl Sunday! GO HAWKS!!




















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