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U.S.F.I.T. Personal Trainer

Art of Personal Training – Certificate Program

Practical Foundations

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Explore the practical foundations of personal training with our USFIT (United States Fitness Instructor Training) 16- hour, hands-on, progressive program made up of Four individual stand alone practical based CEC workshops.

All sessions will include theory and practical skills, case studies and take home exercises and activities.

Sign up for an individual weekend workshop or join us for the full series.  Come dust off your current skills or build your personal training toolbox


Required Reading:  FIT Launch PT Foundations Workbook.

Suggested Reading:  ACE Personal Trainer Manual, 3rd ed., ISBN#1-890720-14-

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The Process of Personal Training

Learn the essentials skills, traits, and qualities a top notch trainer should possess as well as important communication tactics when working with individuals in a fitness setting.  This session will also include the stages of a personal trainer-client relationship and suggested skills a trainer should possess during each phase of personal training.

Fitness Foundations in Exercise

Grasp the anatomy and general physiology of the body during exercise.  Participants will review the cardio-respiratory, muscular, and skeletal systems and how exercise affects them, as well as discuss types of training and exercise modes for improving physical fitness.

Essentials of Screening and Evaluation

Discuss the benefits and goals of fitness evaluation and review the components necessary for a comprehensive assessment.  Topics covered will include methods for testing, test termination, and utilizing normative tables and assessment data to determine the client’s current level of fitness.

Principles and Guidelines for Exercise Program Design

Review the basic principles for programming exercise for the apparently healthy adult, and the critical elements needed to create a well-rounded fitness program.  Guidelines for cardio-respiratory, muscular strength/endurance, plus flexibility training will be covered and also practiced in the form of case studies.

Strength and Flexibility Training

Foundational exercises will be practiced and demonstrated using the proper communication skills discussed in earlier sessions.  Participants will be introduced to a grid of several common strength and flexibility exercises and allowed the opportunity to practice their personal training skills with a partner using proper demonstration, teaching, and spotting skills.  Instructor feedback will be available throughout this interactive session.

Practical & Theory Examination Administered.

  • Participants who successfully finish this intensive will qualify as a traveling fitness pro for Fit Bodies Inc. at the Fit to Travel network (  Program affiliation with Healthy Gatherings Educators is also available upon completion. Qualifications to operate as a personal trainer will vary from facility to facility. Certification through the American Council on Exercise and/or National Strength and Conditioning Association is strongly encouraged.  A Certificate of Course Completion will be provided for full attendance and success completion of program exam.  Tested knowledge will be based upon workbook and classroom lecture.
  • Workbook will be shipped to home for pre-course preparation upon registration.

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