USFIT Group Fitness Certificate

United States Fitness Instructor Training Group Fitness Instructor

Foundations Training

personal train 18 years of age or older embarking in the USFIT Instructor Fundamentals Training program
will gain the essentials necessary to launch their careers in the fitness industry.  Our program is unique when compared to other group fitness training or certification programs and we believe far better for a beginning fitness instructor.  The quantity of practical experience you will gain from this course provides you the head start needed to instruct
group fitness classes on your own.  

USFIT is not designed to replace or devalue the benefit of
attaining other nationally recognized certifications or continuing
education workshops, but to supplement with practical based
instruction which is sorely missed in most programs.

Whether you are preparing for a certification test or have
passed the test and realize the benefit/need of further
practical training this program is right for you.  This five module, training consists of 10 hours of class time with both lecture and practical components.

The Process of Group Fitness Training

Learn the essentials skills, traits, and qualities a top notch instructor should possess as well as important communication tactics when working with individuals in a fitness setting.  This session will also include the stages adherence and motivation, plus discussion on safety and liability in the group fitness room.

Components of a Group Fitness Class

Learn the different segments of a group class, as well as the purpose of each individual component.  Discussion will involve examples of content as well as items to evaluate when teaching certain group fitness formats.

Essentials of Music & Cueing

This session involves the theory of music and cueing in the group fitness setting, along with plenty of practical demonstrations and drills to assist each participant in their learning process.  Discussion will also include verbal and non-verbal styles of cueing, plus current guidelines for music tempos within particular formats.

Essentials of Choreography and Movement

Review the foundations of choreography, along with elements of variation for building structure to your movements and motions in class.  Session time will include practical demonstrations and drills to enhance the learning experience, as well as discussion of methods that can be used to build on choreographic complexity and skill.

Group Fitness Class Design and Formatting

This session recruits all previous foundations and assists students in design and development of one of the 5 basic formats used in today’s group fitness arena.  Lesson-planning, class organization, and teaching tactics will be included in discussions and practical demonstrations.

Practical & Theory Examination Administered.

Required Reading:  FIT Launch GFI Foundations Workbook.

Suggested Reading:  ACE Group Fitness Instructor Manual 3rd ed.

  • Participants who successfully finish this intensive will qualify as a traveling fitness pro for Fit Bodies Inc. and Fit to Travel (  Certification through the American Council on Exercise is strongly encouraged.  A Certificate of Course Completion will be provided for full attendance and success completion of program exam.  Tested knowledge will be based upon workbook and classroom lecture.
  • Workbook will be shipped to home for pre-course preparation upon registration.

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