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Participants 18 years of age or older embarking in the USFIT Instructor Fundamentals Training program will gain the essentials necessary to launch their careers in the fitnessindustry. Our program is unique when compared to other group fitness training or certification programs and we believe far better for a beginning fitness instructor. The quantity of practical experience you will gain from this course provides you the head start needed to instruct group fitness classes on your own.
USFIT is not designed to replace or devalue the benefit of attaining other nationally recognized certifications or continuing education workshops, but to supplement with practical based instruction which is sorely missed in most programs.
=>USFIT Personal Trainer Fundamentals Certificate<=
=>USFIT Group Fitness Instructor Fundamentals Certificate<=




mind body Practical Magic on the Step

weight loss


diet Play Ball


Step 3X4

wellness T.B.C. – Total Ball Conditioning



fitness teacher Do You Want to Dance?


Practical Magic on the Floor

fitness ACE Practical Training


USFIT Foundations Certification

group fitness Workshop Directory


Simple Sport

fit Core Attack
headcase Stretched Out Strength (SOS) spirit SOS on the Ball
relax M-Powered mind Ball Postures
pilates Yoga Flow yoga All Workshops Directory
coaching Core Attack sprint Youth Sport Conditioning
run Total Ball Conditioning velocity Wellness in the Workplace
jump Liability Issues for Trainers core Training for Function
muscle Reaching Out to the Inactive power Programming for the Traveler
athlete ACE Practical Training strength Stretched Out Strength (S.O.S.)
wt loss USFIT Foundations Certification train All Workshops Directory

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