Client Nutrition Plan

The most difficult thing to manage with any client is their dietary habits and lack of a healthy nutrition plan.  With this facet of health being the largest factor involved, you know how fast a non compliant client can destroy months of hard work on both your parts.

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...

We have partnered with Vitabot to assist you in helping your clients with a nutrition solution.

You are eligible through us, when you are a professional member of the Fitness Pro Travel community, to access client nutrition program discounts for you as the trainer.  A cost effective solution for you and your client and a greatly enhance likely hood of meeting client goals.

Branded with your own company name, this solution is ideal for the fitness trainer or club setting. 

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  1. Suryadi says:

    yep. actually in the last 3 weeks i’ve put on 12 ponuds!. And i just had to laugh? its what i’ve been wanting for years I went straight out and got the whole set. lucky i could find this video ->

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  10. Karim Bonjour ! j’ai 26 ans et j’ai un petit handicap donc j’hésite d’aborder, de séduire des femmes, je suis de petite taille donc je crainds d’être rejeté. J’ai des yeux bleus et je suis étudiant. Que faire merci ? 0  0

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