Fitness Pro

Practical based workshops, a fitness industry community, a turnkey business opportunity, or promotional tools for your existing health & wellness offering.

Fit Pro Workshops & Training

  • Add educational depth to your career.
  • Provide a new fitness format or modality.
  • Get the entire staff on the same professional page and providing the highest service to members.
  • Review our local Launch Calendar, or click on the graphic to see events throughout North America.

Tropical Teaching Vacations
Want to get away for a vacation, but can’t afford it? Working in exchange at an all-inclusive resort is the answer you’ve been seeking.

– A Fit Bodies teaching vacation will save you thousands of dollars and you’ll gain international experience. Purchase directly from the network.


Provide Healthy Home Fitness Parties
Looking to add alternative revenue streams to offer your clients / students? – Turnkey opportunities make it simple with our Healthy Gatherings opportunity.  Minimal expense to get started and a proven system that you can utilize to enhance your current services.