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Today is the kick-off date of FIT Launch’s 12th Man Fitness Challenge. As I’ve maneuvered through my day I’ve run into people who are interested in joining the challenge, but needed a little clarification on a few areas.

So here are the answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding the 12th Man Fitness Challenge:

1. What made you decide to start this challenge? Why are you doing it? 

I wanted to find a unique and clever way to show support to our Seattle Seahawks  and also highlight the importance of adding in a little more exercise into your day to day activities. I also know that being a sports fan and watching games while sitting in front of the TV eating crappy food, doesn’t jive with health and fitness guidelines or standards. This is my way of showing people they can do both.

2. Is there a prize for completing this challenge?

Sorry, no T-shirts, medals or money to give away with this. The prize is really more of an intrinsic factor; knowing you completed the challenge, ate better and moved more for 12 days. You’ll feel better, sleep better and have more energy to jump up and down during the game 🙂 Besides that, it’s only 12 days..you can definitely put aside your excuses for that long and give it a try!

3. Do my current workouts count toward the 12 min?

I’m happy if you are currently working out, but the concept of the 12th Man Fitness Challenge is to get you to ADD 12 more minutes to your workout time.

If you workout most days of the week, ADD 12 more minutes on those days and try to do something you normally wouldn’t. Stretch if you normally don’t, do some extra sets during your muscle workouts, add in a few more minutes of core training, or throw in 12 extra minutes on your cardio sessions.

On the days you don’t workout just DO 12 minutes of exercise. Practice yoga, go for a walk, ride your bike, play a recreational sport that gets your heart pumping and body moving. All you need to do is 12 minutes..easy, peasy!

If you don’t workout at all I’m going to encourage you to find some movement you can do for 12 minutes that is a form of exercise. Step out your front door and walk 6 minutes in one direction, turn around come back. BOOM! There’s your 12 minutes.

4. Do I need to register or sign up?

Nope! Like Nike says, “Just do it!” I’d love it if we could spread the word and get as many Seahawk fans doing this as possible. Share it on Facebook, tweet your 12th Man Fitness activity for the day, or post it up on the FIT Launch facebook page. Each day I will post up the date with an opportunity for you to share and/or comment your 12 minutes of activity. It’s a great way to support the 12th man spirit of our challenge and keep you accountable 🙂 Also, an opportunity to post questions about exercises..HINT, HINT!

5. What if I don’t want to give up my current eating and drinking habits? Can I still participate?

Of course you can! I will not be there to slap the fork down from your mouth if you decide to continue eating and drinking your way. However, I will refer to question number 2 here: I’ts only 12 days!! You can sideline your excuses for that long, it won’t kill you. Read the previous blog for information on ideal eating, drinking habits for the 12th Man Fitness Challenge. YOU CAN DO IT!

6. What if I’m not a football fan?

GASP! Well, I guess you can still participate 🙂 Football, Seahawk, Bronco fan or not this challenge is for ANYONE who wants to do it.


Show your 12th Man Fitness Spirit! Day one is almost done..what did you do? Tell me all about it.

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