Small Group

Local to Snohomish County and are looking for a more personalized attention to get you started or take your game to another level, we have some local resources available to you.

  • Small Group Conditioning Gold (3-6) – $35 PP each training hour.
    Continue to receive a great deal of personal attention and programming specific to your needs, but in a fun group setting at a economical discount.  Programming will be shared/similar with adjustments implemented based upon the needs and goals of each participant.
    10 sessions $350pp
    20 sessions $600pp
    30 sessions $750pp
  • Small Group Conditioning Silver (4-10) – $15 PP each training session.
    Similar to above, we provide well rounded and periodized programming to improve your health and fitness, but with a general approach.  All participants run with the same coach lead programming.  Activities are appropriate and foundational to any athletic endevor.
    (these sessions run approximately 45-60 minutes)
    (sessions are provided in 8 session or 12 session monthly blocks)

You may also want to check into our on going fitness camps (classes).  Space may be available in an existing program that will fit you perfectly and save you in expense.

*Gold Group Coaching options generally run 75-90 minutes per session
*Auto renewing members of Studio Fit Launch receive 20% discounted fees

We very much endorse the group training programs.  Encouragement and dedication are enhanced in both cases and programming is tweaked to provide enough specifics to each individual to best help them meet their own goals.  Group programming can be provided for athletic training, weight-loss, general conditioning, yoga, or even combinations of disciplines.  Contact us to get your own small group training program running for you group or as always, contact us to join an existing program.

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  • Our Launch Studio is located within historic Snohomish Washington. Outdoor programs held just to the East at the Centennial Trail Head Parking Lot vicinity off S. Machias Rd. or begin right from the Launch Studio.

  • Snohomish, WA, USA