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*Tired of fad diets?
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You already know the truth:

A truly balanced diet is based around REAL FOODS!

  • AND our Diet Grade Program makes it simple
  • AND it’s FREE to our class members

Diet through REAL FOODS is a great concept, but in reality, very few people have the knowledge or time to create a balanced diet using foods that they enjoy…until now!

Fit Launch’s “Diet Grader” Online Nutrition is here to help make that happen! Other systems just email you a list of foods, or help you count calories…

Our patent-pending system uses a radical new approach, working with you like YOUR OWN PRIVATE DIETITIAN to help you create completely balanced meal plans using YOUR favorite foods.

Diet Grader Online Nutrition is based on the same powerful, patented system used by some of the country’s premier institutions including:

US Air Force, Stanford, Rutgers, NFL Teams, HBO and even NASA!

Online Nutrition and Weight Management


Diet Grader Helps You Choose from Your Favorites Menus.

It’s like ordering from a restaurant menu, except Diet Grader guides you to the best choices.

Here’s How the Diet Grader Works:

Let’s say your current meal plan for the day is deficient in Vitamin E,Omega 6, and Potassium.When you click on your Favorite Snacks menu,Almonds will be at the top of the list suggesting that you add a serving to your diet for the day. The length of the blue lines indicates how well each choice matches your current need.

Each time you add a food to your meal plan, Diet Grader re-sorts your favorites to guide your diet into complete balance..

Unique, Patent-Pending Features:

Create a Meal Plan
Browse Meal Plans
Track Your Goals

This premium nutrition service is INCLUDED FREE in all Small Group Training and Fitness Camp Packages because, let’s face it: You can’t out-train poor nutrition!

If you’re not quite ready to try the 3 day fit camp trial, you can still try the Diet Grader Online Nutrition free for 7 days. Pay only $19.95/month should you choose to stay on board.

Subscription includes 24/7 access which you can access below. Subscribe now or if you are currently in one of our Fitness Camps just let us know you’d like to use the Diet Grader and we’ll get your your free access codes for your own personal account.

Only $19.95 per month or FREE to our Fit Camp Members.
Once you sign up, you will receive your unique login details, and we will contact you to help you get started with your program!

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