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Staff Fitness Education - Our offerings began in 1998 providing fitness education for the fitness professional. We continue yet today providing programs for personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and yoga instructors. You can select from our existing educational programs or request specific topic programs be presented when you host an educational fit pro event.


Facility Promotional Services - Our program promotional opportunities are extensive. Options for the promotion of events, fitness jobs, advertising, and more are available within the largest Fitness Industry only on-line fitness professional networking site available (Fitness Pro Travel).


Product Resale Options - The Healthy Gatherings program provides health and wellness products for this in home fitness party platform.  The products found on that website can be purchased for resale and/or an affiliate code can be established for the facility.

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Register your club with us at Fitness Pro Travel and be added to our database for enthusiast searches

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You can offer a promotional membership appreciation program that increases morale of members, re-enforces qualities of staff and facility, and establishes a new revenue stream!

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