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About FIT Launch

FIT Launch began in 1998 as a provider of fitness education for beginning and experienced professional group fitness instructors and personal trainers.  Our programs utilize practical, lecture, and written materials to ensure that each class participant receives truly memorable and useable information.  While we continue these programs we have expanded in a number of areas.

Through scientifically based information we have developed programs for the fitness / wellness professional.  We hope to reach deep into the general public with this factual information by assisting "fit pro's" in enhancing the development of themselves and their businesses. There is no magic pill for the enthusiast to reach their goals and likewise there is magic bullet that will ethically create a six or seven figure fitness business!

We are based in Snohomish, Washington and provide our services locally to fit pro's and enthusiasts.  Working with our partners across the US we continue to extend the reach and value of the services we provide.  FIT Launch provides services under the "Gatherings" and "Fitness Pro" brands.

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Amy Bomar

Amy Bomar is an accomplished fitness presenter who has worked as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and fitness program director for more than 15 years.  Through her company, FIT Launch, Amy presents a full series of ACE CEC-approved courses at in-house workshops throughout the Pacific Northwest, and... 

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